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Having, hosting and maintaining your offical Township web presence just got easier. Design, function, and ease developed to meet the specific needs for Illinois’ township Supervisors and Officials. Totally.
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How Does It Work?

Carefully review the differing advantages from each level of Township Site offered in our suite of products. From a secure, basic web presence to more custom built solutions, Totally Townships offers a variety of website solutions that are totally You.
After gathering your thoughts … AND your materials you can start sending us the total contents of your site. This might include items such as your Township logo, font or seal; photos of your building or staff; written information on your history, mission, plans and services; or even important documents like forms or minutes. Our easy-to-use forms will walk you through this process.
Sit Back
We Totally get it. You’re busy. Go about your day to day, and experience no interruptions while Totally Townships develops your new site. Once it’s ready for review, you’ll be contacted. Upon approval, Totally Townships will finalize quality control and seamlessly launch.
Take the Keys
Post launch, the site is yours, eh, unless you would rather we handle it for ya. At a minimum, you’re up to standard with site platforms and compliance. And, depending on your level, you might even begin implementing the value added features that allow for easy content edits and additions. Of course, while we’re always here to help, you're the Township, so the site and your domain will always be Totally yours.
  • "Wow! This new site is a major improvement for us.
    I can't believe how quickly this was implemented and I am thrilled with the results! Thank you
    Totally Townships!"
    Amy Mathey
    Supervisor, Sycamore Township

A basic site is a seven page site that includes a page each for about, elected officials, meetings and events, services, FOIA, documents, and contact info. A Pro site includes all of that, but adds individual subpages for each elected official, an integrated calendar, and unlimited robust service subpages. A Pro+ site adds ongoing maintenance and site edits completed by Totally Townships.

If you were already using the URL provided by TOI, then yes, you will need a new URL, which we will provide. If you do not already have a URL, we will provide you with a new one. If your township already owns its own domain, you may use it. We will only need administrative access to point your URL to your new site when it is launched.

The setup fee covers the cost to program your site, add content, and launch your site.

To build a site from scratch for your township will cost you a minimum of $2,000-$4,000 for a similar basic site, and as much as $6,000 to $10,000 or more for a similar pro site. In addition, you would have separate ongoing charges for hosting and upkeep. We handle all of that, including keeping all software current with security updates, which if not done correctly can cause your site to fail.

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